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how to get promotion

How to get a promotion is a common question of every employee. Today I am going to write about the topic of How to get promoted. So if you are someone who is been working in your company for a while and you have been trying to develop your personal brand, Trying to get noticed for that next level promotion but you still not sure of what it takes. Then this article is for you, I am going to share with you key traits that I feel are important in order to help you get that promotion and help you some other important aspects as well.

So I have worked with a lot of clients and I have met many professionals with the same common sort f dilemma. What happens is they are truly very strong performance at their jobs, they do a good job at what they do and there well relied upon by their bosses by their teams or departments. But what has happened is that despite how good they are at what they do, year after year they keep getting passed up for manager, senior manager or director level roles that they really want to take on. And the most common complaint I hear is that I work harder than that other person, I am smarter or I am more experienced than the other person so so why it is that I keep getting passed up and why is it that other people around me within my team or externally outside of the company why are they getting promoted and I am not?

And so today I really want to discuss a common misconception that it comes down to when it involves “how to get promoted”  and on top of that eight key traits that you need to start to develop within your self if you truly want to get that next level promotion. So why is it that other people around you are getting promoted and you are not. Well, part of it has to do with how you are managing your personal brand.

I talked about personal branding almost all the time and when talked about personal branding what I mean is it’s not something that you develop on the outside as if it’s a costume that you could wear it. That’s not a personal brand, a personal brand is “You know who you are what your capable of and the value that you bring no matter what situation, no matter what organization you work in. So that’s part of it is you’re managing your personal brand and on top of that it’s also because you probably have a misconception about how to get promoted. And not misconception is that you think that working harder equals promotion and I can tell you that that’s not the case. The reason why you probably think that if I just work harder, It means that for sure I am going to be guaranteed promotion. I mean working hard don’t get me wrong that’s absolutely necessary for you to get anywhere in life. You definitely have to put in that sweat equity you have to put in that effort to move forward and go wherever its that you want to go but at the same time it’s not the only thing. And so probably go the idea that if I just work hard I will get that promotion, you probably got that from back in school. You know growing up as long as we studied hard, we studied for our exams, we studied everything that we needed to know and as soon as we wrote the exam with we got a really good mark that meant that our efforts paid off. A lot of the time that sort of the thinking that people carry forward they think that well I got myself through just working hard and why I can’t get myself up to the next level in my career by also just working hard.

Well, you probably already discovered that it doesn’t work. Just working harder alone, putting your head down and you know getting your work done and being solely focused on that is not enough to get you to that next level, unfortunately. There’s a lot of other qualities you need to start to really develop within yourself if you really feel that you want to move up in your career and a lot of it may not have been taught to you in school but now that you’re out in the work world. It’s time to really take notice of those areas that need improvement and we are going to start talking through them. So let’s just make things a little clear right now you are a strong performer but you are not yet a top performer, a strong performer is someone who does a good job at what they do, they are always on time with what they do and they well relied upon by their boss but they are not being seen as the top person in the team and that simply because they don’t have these other qualities that we’re going to talk about that will help them to get that next level. And what you’re having to really focus on how it is, “How do I get from strong performer to top performer” so I am going to share with you eight key traits that top performers have that you can start to instill within yourself that hopefully will enhance your chances of getting promoted.

  1. Trait of a top performer :- They look to help to others… all the time

A top performer is really someone that is not just wanting to put their down and only work on their own tasks. A true top performer if someone that is always willing to really help those around him or her. So people on your team, people above you, your bosses, their bosses if there’s ever an opportunity to help, then a top performer is willing and ready to do that. Now what this doesn’t mean is that you say yes to everything and you help everyone with everything and you can’t ever get to your own work. No…. Top performers know how to prioritize? So what that means is you look at the tasks or the project or the duty in terms of how important it is and how beneficial it will be to the overall team and the company. If its something that is the high priority it’s going to have a great impact for the team and for the company, then definitely raise your hand and offer to help. Because that’s going to provide you with an opportunity for you to become someone who is seen as going above and beyond what you normally do apart from whatever task has been assign to you.

And then what happens is eventually people start coming to you more for your guidance, for your help, and you are offered new and exciting projects to do because you’ve already demonstrated that you were able to do that well in the past.

2. Trait of a top performer:- They know the difference being ‘serious’  vs ‘professional’.

If you are a strong performer who really just wants  to go into work and get your work done I get it…. It totally makes sense you want to just focus on what you’re doing and you want a shut out the rest of the world beyond your cubicle.

And what you also probably feel is that you know all the friendly interaction, the banter between colleagues can be a bit of a time waster so you try to minimize that as much as possible. What happens there however is that without even realizing it you are creating this invisible barrier between you and your colleagues.  And over time you start to appear overly serious and this actually makes you seem less approachable by your colleagues even by your bosses. Even though they know that you are a hard worker, you seem to be very much a lone wolf and you know you just want to do your own thing. And that doesn’t really help your case when it comes to trying to move up to the next level or trying to be the leader of the team. Because what a really involved is that you need to be beyond being serious, you need to move into being professional.

And what professional is that of course, you are still going to have those conversations with your colleagues, you are not going to appear to them that it’s a waste of time talking to them because people can read that energy if you give off that vibe that ‘Oh.. my god I am wasting time talking to you’. You don’t want that occur instead to be professional it just simply means, you interact with your colleagues when the time is right but when its time to get back to it, you gently let them know “I got to really get this done I am just going back to get this done and that’s it. It creates a nice smooth transition for you to be able to exit that conversation and head back to your work.

So really it comes down to how you interact with your colleagues it’s really important to maintain that open friendly demeanour but at the same time showcase your ability to demonstrate boundaries. They will still see you as someone who’s warm and friendly, approachable and but at the same time, they see you as someone who is hard working. So implementing this mindset of being professional vs serious will really get you further along in your career in the long run.

3. Trait of top performer : They are flexible and eager, but they are not doormats.

When you first started a new job there are no buts and there are no-noes, you know you take on the duties and tasks and projects that you’re assigned and you work through them, you try to finish them efficiently within the timeline that you were given or before the timeline. And you work as hard as you can to make sure that you get a good first impression, especially the very first projects that you’re given but of course thought as well. But what happens though is that even though you’re flexible in eager you are not a doormat, you are not a saying yes to absolutely everything and then only slowly working through each of them.

What a doormat is basically is someone who has the mindset of sure yes… yes… they can’t say no… yes, I will do this… yes, I will do that… They take on whatever duties and tasks are given to them and instead of prioritizing they just do them in the order that they are given. If you are a doormat a lot of the time if you are not prioritizing and you are a doormat just saying yes.. If you are overwhelming yourself and you are drowning yourself in assignments that probably aren’t as important and probably aren’t your role like isn’t part of you are meant to do.

So essentially what it is that you have to be flexible and eager but at the same time, you have to know how to establish priorities. And if somebody is offering you to perform a task or duty to work on, What you have to do is identify what is your highest priorities and if you know that within that given day you can only do XYZ. Well then you inform them of that and you say… “You know I will be happy to help you with this, But right now working on these items and these are the most priority for your boss. And once  I will be able to get that done I will be able to help out with this”

So being a good top performer just means that you know how to be transparent about your priorities. And you know how to communicate it away, where another person that’s asking you to work on something doesn’t feel like they are being outright refused

4. Trait of a top performer :- They execute more than they talk.

Even though at the beginning I said that hard work does not mean automatic promotion, It’s still a key ingredient that will help you to enhance your chances of getting promoted. Especially at the beginning of a new job you want to prove yourself, you want to demonstrate your value to your team and your company and so it’s important that you put in that hard work to getting in that realm of potentially being promoted.

Eventually, once you are able to execute enough and sow enough results that you truly strong potential for that next level. That’s when you can open your mouth and articulating how you have been able to do that or why you’re an asset for this organization and be able to use that as leverage, to getting you that promotion, salary bump or that bonus that raise whatever it is that you are looking for

5. Trait of top performers :- They say only what needs to be said.

Even I said a top performer executes more than they speak, they are not mute… They just simply know when to talk and the right time in place tom do it.

So, for example, A key approach that I know has worked for me and works for my clients is whenever you are in a team meeting in your company, and your manager or director or VP whoever decides to ask everyone on the team for their individual opinion about something. Don’t be the first person to blurt out the answer instead sit back and wait for each of your teammates to give their answers. Some people will probably want to blurt and share their opinion and sound all great and fancy and just let them do that. What will happen to them once they’re all done the table will be turned on to you and going to be your turn to speak. By that point this, you are at an advantage because you would have heard everyone’s specific opinion when you are going to be able to do is to be able to come up with an answer, an opinion that is mindful of everyone else’s. So you can include some of what other people have said showing that you have listened intently but then the top of that, you are able to give an opinion that is genuine authentic to what you feel about the topic.

But also might be something that other people didn’t think about because you have already heard about everybody’s opinions. And you can add in a unique factor, unique detail that maybe wasn’t mentioned. And from there what happens is that sets apart from everyone else. You are not just stating the obvious, you are not stating what’s been said, you are acknowledging that but you’re going above and beyond and sharing something also a little bit more unique.

So choose it shows that you are able to give a very insightful response and it gives this calm, collected confident vibe.  

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