How to speak confidently and communicate effectively

how to speak confidently

How to speak confidently and communicate effectively? This will be the most common problem for job seekers and working professionals.

So friends in today’s article I am going to walk you through three tips on how you can communicate more clearly and effectively, Especially when you are at a work in a meeting or you are going on a job interview.

This will be very helpful to you especially if you have trouble with expressing your thoughts clearly.

Through my years of experience of working with corporate professionals, I have recognized that one of the biggest confidence boosters or confidence killers for any individual has a lot to do with their ability on how to articulate their thoughts and words in a clear and engaging way.

Essentially what I am saying is if you are someone who struggles to communicate effectively this has probably had an impact on your career, and to the point where you may not be able to grow in your career as quickly as you would have liked.

How to speak confidently

So today I am going to share with you three things that you need to know so that you can speak more confidently moving forward, whether you have a conversation with a colleague, whether you have to make a presentation in front of a group of people or the next time that you have to go on a job interview.

Tip 1 : Know that you are the expert

If you find that you are struggling with  being able to articulate your thoughts ,ideas and you lack confidence when you are talking to your boss, co-workers or to an interviewer even if it’s a topic that you know a lot about it’s likely because you are consuming yourself  with thoughts like “I hope I am not the wrong  thing” , “I wonder what he or she is thinking of me”, “I hope I sound competent right now” those kinds of thoughts are hugely distracting and they actually cause you to waver and to sound shaky when you are trying to deliver these conversations, and  that’s why you need to shift your focus away from self –doubt to knowing your value.

This is especially applicable to you if you have been at your company for a while but you haven’t seen progress in your communication. Knowing you’re the expert means that you recognize that in your organization and you are specialized in the work that you do. Nobody else in the company whether it your boss or your other co-workers knows more about what you do than you.

“You are the expert” so that means that you need to trust in your own knowledge and the experience that you have that been able to develop in this position. You can’t second – guess yourself to the point where other people start doubting you as well.

So the next time that anyone in your company comes up to you and asks you a technical related question about your work or a topic or subject that you should know stuff about and that you do know stuff about, you need  to answer it in way that an expert would have to put yourself in that mindset and say how would an expert who knows my role inside out be able to explain this to another colleague or to a boss in the company. And this leads me to the next point.

Tip 2 : Know how you tie in to the bigger picture by asking smart questions

This is a pattern that I have seen quite a bit amongst certain professionals who end up working in big companies. Such as big banks or government organizations and the issue or pattern of experienced is that they only know what they do.

But they don’t actually know how it ties into the bigger picture, they don’t understand how their role places a key factor in the rest of the organization. Because of that “they only know what they do” and “they only do what they do.” Even though they are the expert at what they do and they’re very limited in what they know. If you don’t understand how your specific role and the responsibilities and the duties that you do play into the overall bigger picture within your company within your department that is a major issue and that’s going to cause communication issue for you in and it’s going to show up in your workplace.

Especially when you have a big meeting where you have big meetings, where you have to explain your part and you are going to be explaining it to other colleagues or higher level managers or bosses and they are not getting why we are doing a certain thing. Just because you were told that this is how you do something from the beginning.

It doesn’t mean that you do it robotically and you don’t understand why you are doing it. So that plays into your communication as well, so the antidote to this to ask a question don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask why you’re doing something especially when it doesn’t seem to make sense or when you really don’t understand why?.  Professionals who know how to ask smart questions are also the ones that are able to Identify process improvements, Drive efficiencies, Recognize the reason why they are doing something and they are able to figure out better ways of doing it.  And you ask smart questions it gives you the comfort that the work you do actually serves the purpose.

Tip 3: Know when you are not the expert

One of the biggest mistakes that I see professionals making in their workplace and that diminishes their own personal brand is when they talk about a topic as if they are the expert when the action when in actuality they know very little about it, and because they are not the expert or they don’t know very much about that topic but they keep talking about it.

They say a lot of wrong things, what happens is this leads to issues where, when you say things that aren’t true or that don’t make sense. People will lose trust in you and they will no longer come to you for answers in future instances.

People will appreciate it if you are willing to admit that you may not know so much about a  certain topic area because it doesn’t happen to be in your line of expertise. So how do you handle a situation where you don’t know much about the topic? “Firstly you don’t say I don’t know and you wipe your hands clean and walk away”.

That’s not the way to do it, instead what you need to do is take it as a learning opportunity and tell the person who you’re speaking with something along the lines of I am not an expert in this, but I know that. How about we approach him or her to assist us with this?

To know when you don’t know something shows maturity and self-awareness. Nobody is going to criticize you if you don’t know something but you work hard to try to figure it out, but people will criticize you if you act as if you know something and you end up just speaking gibberish.

So these are my 3 tips on How to speak confidently and communicate effectively. So if you have any queries and suggestions on this please comment below. And please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends.

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