How to Write a Job Description

Job description

A good job description performs a number of important functions: It describes the skills and competencies that are needed to perform the role

Hello, friends today I am going to tell you about how to write a job description. If you happen to be recruiter, a hiring manager or an HR professional then you’re in luck because today’s article I am going tell you how to recruit and find the best job candidates for your company, and so in today’s  article I am going to show you the very first step on how to recruit the best job candidates and that is all about how to write a compelling job description.

As a career strategist, I have been able to help numerous professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that you’re interested in working with me one on one I can give you details about that at the end of the article. Lets face it, its actually really difficult to find a good job candidate who you would love to work at your company and because it isn’t easy the key to finding attracting and recruiting the best job candidates is in knowing how to bait them I have seen thousands of job descriptions throughout  my career and I can say from my own personal opinion that about 95 percent of all the job descriptions that I’ve seen are not all that attractive or compelling to job candidates if you’re looking for that amazing top-of-the-line candidates so are many other hire managers and companies and because of that candidates have the luxury to be picky and they don’t necessarily have to interview your job description isn’t all that attractive to them so here are my four tips on how to write a compelling attractive job description, that will get more of those amazing job candidates applying for your position.

Tip:1 Hook them with intriguing questions

So the first thing that you want to do is to have a compelling is this you section the beginning of your job description this is where you can lure them with  intriguing questions that basically describe the job candidates  and what they  would be looking for in the career move these key questions are going to spark their interested and perk their ears and make them want to read the job description further, The reason for this because typically job descriptions just are very straight to the point this is what you’ll be doing jumping in to the duties and responsibilities of the position but instead when you can ask questions as the starter to your job description it makes it that much more interactions for the candidates who read it, and it feels like you’re speaking directly to them so let me explain by sharing an example with you.

Lets say that you are a recruiter and the job that you are currently recruiting for hiring for is a designer position. To start your job description you can ask are you passionate about developing designs for exciting brands, do you love advertising and sharing creative ideas, do you have vision and talent to develop design work for innovative media concepts now these questions are fairly simple they’re straight forward and there are even a little bit broad but they still relate to the job and a key is that they are intriguing for the job candidate who happens to be reading it. At the end of the day  what you want to do with these intriguing questions sections on your job description is to get the job candidate interested and reading it saying yes that’s me, yes that’s me nodding their head and like I said wanting to read the rest of the job description to find out more.

Tip:2 Summarize the job before getting into the details

This is all about having an overview description paragraph on your job description rather than just right away jumping into the details and to do’s. So in this below overview

Overview or Summary section

  • Describe the overall purpose of this position and what goal this job is meant to achieve for the company.
  • Make it compelling and meaningful
  • Key to make things meaningful is to explain why this person will be doing what they will be doing.

So we back to our designer example in this section you can say something along the lines of this

“ This  designer will help to create front-end design for websites, emails and print to help clients express the story of their brands in a refreshing way” so anyone you can relate to this goal or purpose of helping clients to refresh their brands in an exciting way is likely going to be interested in doing this job and therefore applying for your position.

Tip 3: Write detailed job duties that explain not just what they’ll be doing but why

Once you get to the section on your job description where you have to write up the responsibilities

  • Make sure to not just make a grocery list of tasks that they need to do without explaining the purpose behind why they need to do them so.
  •  remember to write your duties in the order of importance and give each bullet point a purpose. For example: it’s not just create designs for the product or service instead its create designs that are appealing and unique and help intended audience to feel personally connected to the product or service adding the Y-component to every bullet point changes the vibe of every duty that you list down on your job description and again attracts the top candidates and finally.

 Tip 4: Qualify them at the end

What I mean here is to now finish off your job description with a additional qualification section that goes above and beyond duties the tasks that you’ve already written out as well as the summary from before here you want to

  • List out anything else that from a technical perspective you are really looking for from the job candidate. Example : Additional certifications, courses taken, certain type of technical knowledge software skills.
  • Helps you to  refine search.

Then make sure that you are able to find the best job candidate. There you have my 4 tips on how to write a compelling attractive job description so that you can find and hire the best talent into your company.

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